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SiP card #84: David & Katchoo kissing

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The poem David read Katchoo in the coffee shop:

And only legends know that once there were gods in the sea
Giants in size, with lullabye eyes, and dreams
But when the lands broke out in war
The oceans in between were raging storms and fiery hot
And filled with children's screams
A few survived to see the daywhen sunlight was dark amber
And heard the sounds of gods at sea
Leaving us


There's a shadow on my back
From a light that never cracks.
I come to you in my sorrow,
A broken man who has to borrow.
In my eyes it's plain to me,
You're my star and destiny.
An empty house I can't call mine,
Deep in debt and buying time.
Turn what's left of energy
Into you, my only dream.
In my eyes it's clear to me,
That you're my star
And destiny.
Shine for me,
Blind my sight,
Don't let me see
What I can't fight.
In my heart
You are there
Precious pain,
But I don't care
Cause in my eyes
It's clear to me
You're my star
And destiny.

I Still Dream of You

I don't know why but I do...
Dream of you.
Losing you...
I still dream of you.
Is it the same way for you?
Doesn't hi and goodbye sound so cruel?
How can I take my heart from you?
Even tho' I'm losing you,
I still dream of you.
Losing you...
I still dream of you.
I don't know why but I do...
Dream of you.
Losing you,
I still dream of you.
I still dream of you.

Strangers in Paradise

Scribbled and scratching
Half finished pages at dawn
People that live here are wondering
Where all their strength's gone.
Moments of splendor
Wind up like ashes in rain,
One look you're smiling,
Another your face is in pain.
I wake up at night
with the sweat on my head.
A look in your eyes
that will haunt me til dead.
I just can't seem to shake it,
Something about what you said;
How love's like an orphan,
A motherless child gone unfed.

So we laugh with the joker,
Hold back the tears til they're gone.
Drink and be merry
They'll find us all dead men at dawn.
We're so far away
From wherever we came
That sometimes I wonder
We'll see it again
It's true, what they say...
You can't always go home,
You can't always be warm inside.
That, in love, we're like orphans,
Strangers in paradise.

Baby June

I know you know the tale of Baby June
You know the way she could deliver a tune
She was a killer in a petticoat
A little bit of everyone you adore
And if you're baby let you down at night
Well, Baby June would make it up alright
And I was never ever happier
Than in the arms and in the charms of her

Echoes of Home...

Echoes of home are haunting me
It must be so, but
Oh God, why me?
Like a stone thrown 'cross the water
My eyes across the crowd
How rain my hope sails
on the day
til nightfall drags it down
In hell the women scream in pain
That echoes down my hall again.
At night their voices wake me
And I clutch my heart and pray they'll
leave. "A TOAST TO THEE"
my host did shout, tonight
at dinner, in this house,
yet now designs to murder me
And since I'm home
I cannot leave.

Said the straight...

Said the straight
man to the late
"Where have you

"I've been here
and I've been
there, and I've
been in-between."

I talk to the
My words are all
carried away.

I talk to the wind.

The wind does
not hear.

The wind cannot

Do you remember yesterdays?

Do you remember yesterdays?
Do you remember what I was like down?
I feel that madness come my way
I must drink to the vicious clowns.
I don't know if they found your ears
But I used to have a lot of names
Then one so tender pushed me here
And I watched as they fade away.
Again I wake up on the tiles
It's like I was never gone.
And just before the pain comes on,
Remember, this is where I started from.

Somewhere far away...

Somewhere far away, the sky cries
out in thunder.
And there's nothing I can do.
So I wail. And I watch. And
I feel his breath against my face.
Cool and brave
His salt licks my skin, his promise
burshes my hair.
His fury drives the wind to touch
my cheek,
And whisper something I can't hear.
I think he loves me. I think he
comes to see me.
I am young.
I will learn.

If you're leaving me...

If you're leaving me
please don't tell me
You're still pleasing me
Do I fail you
I will wonder today
if tomorrow you'll stay
I can hear your voice turn cold
when you turn to me I know
I'm the one who won't let go
Are you blaming me
for holding on
when you let me know
It's my last chance
And I know it's gone

All of my life...

All of my life
I was waiting for you
How is it we never met?
Here in the latter days
Time on my own
I find to much to regret.
All of the time I spend
Thinking of you
Nothing to say but I call.
Over and Over
It plays on my mind
How come you come and you go?
How is it happening only to me?
Now after all the time we spent
I was careless and made a slip
Suddenly your love is
Too much to lose
Now I've fallen in love with you.
Were you waiting for
My heart to break?
Though I've fallen
In love with you
I have fallen in love
Too late.

Effortlessly touching me



What now?
What do I do today?
My smile, my frown,
They fade away.
My dreams are strange to me.
You're just a memory.

Words and Music by Terry Moore
©1997 Terry Moore

The Danger of the Night

It's so quiet here with you
Oh these moments are so few
In the danger of the night
two young lovers are all right

Well Bobby was in love they say
but no one ever knew her name
No one ever saw the face of her
her name was never heard.

Like anight come on the day
Bobby's lover went away
Now the Bobby that I know's sad
He smiles, but he can't laugh

A woman worries in the day
Is she giving it away?
In the danger of the night she'll run
Because no one made her stay

But if Bobby was the man they say
And she was half the girl they say
Why do lovers never turn out right?
Could be the danger of the night.

Words and Music by Terry Moore
©1997 Terry Moore

I'm So Tired

I'm so tired
I haven't slept a wink
I'm so tired
My mind is on the blink

Words and Music by The Beatles
©1997 The Beatles

Fu*king in Rhythm and Sorrow

Naked man, naked man, Please come down, I'll get you some strawberry cake or something.

Words and Music by The Sugarcubes
©1997 The Sugarcubes

White Rabbit

When the white queen's talking backwards
And the red queen's on her head
Remember what the doorman said
Feed your head!

Words and Music by Jefferson Airplane
©1997 Jefferson Airplane

Someone to Watch Over Me

I'm a little lamb
Who's lost in the wood
I know I could always be good
To one who'll watch over me.

Words and Music by Gershwin
©1997 Gershwin

How Fragile We Are

On and on the rain will fall
Like tears from a star like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are how fragile we are

Words and Music by Sting
©1997 Sting

London Bridges Falling Down

London bridges
Falling down
Falling down
Falling down
London Bridges
Falling down
My fair lady

Take the key and
Lock him up
Lock him up
Lock him up
Take the key and
Lock him up
My fair lady


I Talk to the Wind

Said the straight
man to the late
"Where have you

"I've been here
and I've been
there, and I've
been in-between."

I talk to the
My words are all
carried away.

I talk to the wind.

The wind does
not hear.

The wind cannot

Words and Music by King Crimson
©1997 King Crimson

Queen of Hearts

Once I was glad,
Always happy,
Never sad.
And every day seemed like Sunday.

And after all that we've been through,
I find that when I think of you,
A warm south wind runs through and through.
And in my heart there's only you.

And I will always keep on tryin'
to gather this strange peace of mind.
Without it there'd be lonely me,
and, oh darling, lonely you.

I love you, queen of hearts,
Don't tell me when to stop,
Tell me when to start.

Words and Music by Greg Allman
©1997 Greg Allman

Obladi Oblada

Obladi Oblada

Words and Music by The Beatles
©1997 The Beatles

Is This Any Way to Fall in Love?

My analyst said
Girl you better get smart
Chivalry's dead
So think with your head
And not with your heart
But somewhere
Deep down inside
There's a feeling
That can't be denied
When push comes to shove
Tell me
What about love?

Your lawyers send me papers to sign
Isn't it romantic?
My lawyer warns me
I should decline, tell me

Where is the moonlight and
champagne and roses?
Is this any way to fall in love?

My analyst stressed
Lady, this could take years
He says I'm depressed
From having supressed
My innermost fears
And so I pay him too much
In an effort at feeling in touch
It's all so complex
And it's all about sex?!
When did romance become declasse?
Livin' in the 90's.
When did we make "I love you" passe?

Tell me
Where is the moonlight
and champagne and roses dear?
Is this any way to fall in love?

Sung by Linda Eder
Lyrics by Jack Murphy
Music by Frank Wildhorn
©1992 Bronx Flash Music, Inc.

Love Me Tender

Love me tender
Love me true
All my dreams fulfill

For my darling
I love you
And I always will

Love me tender
Love me long
Tell me you are mine

For it's there that I belong
Till the end of time!

Words and Music by Elvis Presley
©1997 Elvis Presley

Stranger in Paradise

Take my hand, I'm a stranger in paradise
oh lost in a wonderland
I'm a stranger in paradise.
If I stand starry-eyed
that's the danger in paradise for mortals who
stand beside an angel like you
Won't you answer this fervent prayer
Of a stranger in paradise
Don't send me in dark despair from all that I hunger for
But open your angels arms to this stranger in paradise
And tell her that she need be a stranger no more.

Sung by Tony Bennett
Lyrics and Music by Wright/Forrest
©1986 CBS, Inc.

A Distant Scream

Somedays I think
I'm going to give it all away
Find a job that pays
Some letters behind my name.

Somedays I'll be
Standing at a mirror looking in
Your face starts fading in
The feeling comes again.

I guess I'll always be
The losing side of you.
Your mismatched other shoe
Your after midnight blues.

Love is a mystery to me
A loser's dream.

These days are spent
In hot desire to be the way I was
To ride the magic bus
To try and stay in touch.

Afraid my face
Is just a memory to those I knew.
An influential clue
to what they have to lose.

I guess I'll always be
The losing side of you.
Your mismatched other shoe
Your after midnight blues.

Love is a mystery to me.
To me, a distant scream.

Words and Music by Griffin Silver
©1997 Dancers In The Valley Music, Inc.

The Very Thing That Makes Her Rich Will Make You Poor

The very thing that makes her rich will make you poor

Words and Music by Ry Cooder
©1997 Ry Cooder

Pull Me Under

The world is spinning around me
The whole world keeps spinning around me
All life is future
Every breath leave me one less to my last

Pull me under
Pull me under
I'm not afraid

Words and Music by Dream Theatre
©1997 Dream Theatre


I looked into your eyeth,
They told me plenty...

Words and Music by Sarah McLachlan
©1997 Sarah McLachlan

Rock Around the Clock

One o'clock
Two o'clock
Three o'clock

Four o'clock
Five o'clock
Six o'clock

We're going to rock around the clock tonight!

Words and Music by ???
©1997 ???

Good Day Sunshine

Good day sunshine!

Words and Music by The Beatles
©1997 The Beatles

Killer Queen

She keeps a moet de something
in a pretty cabinet...

Words and Music by Queen
©1997 Queen



Yeah, we're runnin' a little bit hot tonight...

Words and Music by Van Halen
©1997 Van Halen

The Breast

Everywhere I go
Everywhere I turn
Millions and millions and
millions and millions
Of, well..you know

In my sleep
In my dreams
On the bus
And TV screen
In Greek folklore
We even send
them off to war!

New rock stars
is there no end
to where they are?

But I'm not sad
in fact, I'm glad!
What am I, stupid?
Don't answer that.

I'm glad they're here
What can I say
If not for them
I might be GAY!

Not that there's anything wrong with that.
The end.

This Mask I Wear

This mask I wear, you gave to me
One winter night beneath the trees,
Its black and blue enshrouds my life,
Surrounds my eyes and blinds my sight.

This mask I wear pretends I'm here,
and hides me from the awful fear
That you might find the heart of me
and take that too, beneath the trees.

This mask I wear to hide the pain.
It's all I have to keep me sane.
I just fell down, I'm told to tell.
There are no words to stop this hell.

This mask I pray to God for why
He hates me so to watch me die
A little more with every night
This man comes in and rapes my life.

But little girls grow up, my friend
And learn the wicked ways of men.
And this mask I wear comes off the day

This mask I wear lays on your grave.

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