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Strangers in Paradise
by Terry Moore

1996 Eisner Award Winner for Best Serialized Story:
Strangers in Paradise #1-#8

Strangers in Paradise (SIP) is published, written and drawn by Terry Moore.

All contents of this page and its related hierarchies are trademarked and copyrighted by Terry Moore and Abstract Studio.

Terry Moore is a genius. His characters have personality, depth and secrets. This book is real, with a twist. The plot is almost secondary to the interaction of the main characters: Katchoo, Francine and David. The interaction has all the nuances and complexities of real relationships -- no nuclear families, no high school sweethearts (well not exactly), no shallow friendships...

Terry Moore's art is wonderful -- especially in the facial expressions. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone -- especially if you have never read comix before.

This page will have no reviews or plot synopses. You have to read the comic books yourself. All you will find here are some graphics, titles and some cool excerpts/overviews that will not give away any of the story. This page is really for those who are already fans and those who will be.

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