Chicago Comicon 1996

My First Comicon

Chicago Comicon 1996 was this fan girl's dream! Friday, I met a bunch of my SiPlist friends in person for the first time. And, while dressed as Shi, bumped into Terry Moore and introduced myself.

On Saturday, I attended the Homage/Wildstorm panel (why would they put Gen13 fans in the same room with Strangers in Paradise fans)? We got Terry to talk about the next possible wave of SiP comics as scratch and sniff and pop-up books.

After the panel, the line around Terry's booth was quite long! Luckily, I was among the first in line! I got my SiP mini#1 signed and my copy of Genus #4 that Tracy Stewart had given me. Terry said that it was the first time someone had brought him that particular work to sign. I also got an SiP poster and card!

Saturday night, 34 SiP fans had dinner with Terry at an Italian restaurant...It was very cool! As we were sitting there, my fiance, Doug, said to Terry, "You know, a year ago, these people didn't even know each other. Because of you, they are now all friends..." Terry definately took that to heart and addressed that when he gave a small after dinner speech. Everyone at the dinner was friendly and in good spirits. Terry signed our t-shirts and did sketches.

After dinner, there was a Friends of LuLu party at one of the hotel, the fans got to drink with the comic industry celebrities. Most everyone from dinner went there, including Terry.

Not bad for a first comic book convention! I did take pictures, but have no access to a scanner right now. But you can take a look at Randy's pictures.

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